10 8 / 2013


A few weeks ago at WWDC in San Francisco, Apple made a little public mention of its new iBeacons feature in iOS 7. Its details are still under the developers’ NDA and will be public with the new operating system hopefully in September, but many articles and detailed rumors explained how it might work.

Basically, all Apple devices - thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy - could trigger Minority Report-style interactions, activating different phone actions just by approaching devices that act as beacons.


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19 1 / 2013

This Friday Nike finally released an API platform. Unfortunately as released is lacking some key information (appid value). My first curl attempts failed with the following message:

{“result”:”failure”,”errorCode”:”0x00101d06”,”errorMessage”:”OPENAPI - Invalid App Id or Name.”}

A few months back I was able to sniff the network traffic sent by the Nike+ Fuelband iOS application and retrieve the access_token used by the app and also one key part not mentioned anywhere in the current Nike+ API documentation; a valid appid.

The appid is “fuelband”.

Here is the curl command that works:

curl -H “appid: fuelband” -H “Accept: application/json” “https://api.nike.com/me/sport?access_token={ACCESS_TOKEN}”

And that’s it!

20 11 / 2012

ioBridge Iota Eval Board